Magnets: Great for Business and ROI

Magnets: Great for Business and ROI

Magnets: The Perfect In-Home Ad

How many magnets do you have on your fridge right now? Now, how many are promotional? Maybe a realtor’s business card, local plumbing service, or a mini magnetic takeout menu from the pizza place across the street.

This is true for most people. We use these free magnetic marketing materials to post reminders and children’s artwork to our fridge. And in return, that person or business gets free in-home advertising (potentially for years).

Mohawk Magnet

With Mohawk magnets, you can expect to produce vivid promotional materials that stand out, have great longevity and incredible ROI (return on investment). Available in semi-gloss and matte polypropylene finishes and three different weights, Mohawk Magnet is custom printing compatible while remaining affordable and effective.

Uses & Considerations

Magnetic products are great for printing, die cutting, foil stamping and perforating. Suitable for a wide range of applications like business cards, announcements, menus, save-the-dates, calendars and picture frames.

Be sure to note: Mohawk magnets are not suitable for use on vehicles unless a custom product is quoted. Matte polypropylene magnets also have a limited outdoor life of six months to a year.

Whether your name is well-established or you are an up-and-comer, magnetic marketing materials are an economical and efficient way to increase sales and name recognition for years to come.


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