The Advantages of Microfiber

The Advantages of Microfiber

Known as one of the most innovative cleaning technologies to come out in the last century, microfiber is now considered a must-have tool for anyone looking for a truly serious clean. Not only is microfiber able to clean better than alternatives, but it’s also lighter, quicker and more environmentally friendly.

Cleans Better

Microfiber products are made of nylon fibers (that are about 1/16th the width of a human hair) that are woven together into a net. This net has millions of spaces that trap dirt, debris, moisture and even microbes.

Microfiber has been proven to capture bacteria better than cotton. Cotton-loop mops are able to reduce the number of bacteria on floor by 30 percent, while microfiber mops are able to reduce the number of bacteria by 99 percent.

Unlike cotton loop mops, microfiber mops not only attract, but hold those substances while cleaning and are able to get deep into crevices to remove hard-to-reach grime.

Cleans Lighter

Because microfiber doesn’t need to absorb as much water or product as a traditional cotton-loop mop, microfiber mops are much lighter. They also don’t require any strenuous wringing, thus helping to reduce the rate of worker injury.

Microfiber mops require less effort to maneuver, and use less water/product which helps floors dry faster and reduce the risk of slipping or accidents.

Cleans Faster

Naturally picking up dirt and debris at a faster pace, microfiber is able to finish any cleaning job more quickly than its competitors. The microfiber mop’s light frame and mop head also cut down on cleaning time.

Cleans Greener

Since microfiber requires far less water and cleaning product, it efficiently reduces not only cleaning costs, but also your ecological footprint and excessive waste. Microfiber mops use 10 to 20 times less liquid than standard mops, and many microfiber applications don’t even require chemicals.

The Future of Cleaning

Compared to the capabilities of the microfiber mop, cotton-loop mops are a cleaning technology of the past. Microfiber mops can do everything cotton-loop mops can do, but better, faster, safer and greener. Microfiber mops are efficient, economical and are leading the pack toward a cleaner future.


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