Avoid Detergent Waste

Avoid Detergent Waste

Detergent Waste

As Americans, we like to live by the philosophy that more is MORE. More car fuel used per person, more soda with our meals and more detergent used in our washers and dishwashers. While laundry and dish-washing-based companies put amount indicators on their bottles, their packaging still deceives most people.

Detergent caps are made to be much larger than is needed for a load of laundry, so you feel like you’re using too little when you fill to the indicator line. Nearly 53 percent of Americans don’t follow the guidelines given to them on the cap. Some say they fill the cap all the way to the top.

Overuse of commercial laundry detergents can cause staining on linens and damaging effects to your washer. From not draining properly to extra water and energy use. Odor’s can occur and your washer can suffer additional wear and tear of excess detergent causing constant overtime.

In dishwashers, excess commercial dish detergent can cause a cloudy film and the overabundance of suds can clog the drain, causing a leak.

The common misconception is that MORE detergent = extra clean linens and dishes, but that’s not the case. It’s important to read your machines’ manuals and the detergent instructions. Both vary from type to type.

Our product specialists can recommend the right equipment and usages to ensure the job is done effectively and save money at the same time!


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