Packaging Unwrapped

Packaging Unwrapped

Industrial Packaging

Whether you’re shipping fragile glass or heavyweight steel, you want to make sure it’s packaged right to get to the destination in mint condition. OPC has many industrial packaging options, such as shrink film, flexible and rigid packaging, void filler, packaging tape and strapping. These industrial packaging items are great for ensuring your items stay in place, protecting them from drops, trips or tumbles and increases customer satisfaction in your product condition.

Shipping is an essential aspect of many businesses—whether they’re sending or receiving. With Omaha Paper Company, you will have all the tools to get the job done right. No job is too big or too unique with our variety of packaging options. Our industrial packaging items are top of the line and can serve your specific needs to transport your stock safely and effectively.

Food Processing Packaging

It is imperative that food remain uncontaminated, intact and safe to eat. Omaha Paper Company offers several food packaging items that accomplish tasks from keeping food fresher for longer to keeping out outside elements such as light and water vapor. Using the correct food processing packaging is important for proper food handling and storage.

Examples of some food processing packaging that we carry include polypropylene, laminations and lidding, skin, and high barrier films. Our dedicated specialists will help you figure out what packaging options best meat your food processing needs.

Retail Specialty Packaging

You work hard to sell your products to consumers, and once you make the sale, you want to make sure the consumer gets a satisfactory product. Omaha Paper Company offers many retail specialty packaging options that will help your products last longer and  stay protected.

OPC provides many retail specialty packaging options such as metalicized film, vacuum pouches, oxygen scavenging films, shrink bands, shrink films and printed bags, films and stand up pouches. We supply all the packaging supplies and services your business may require, and we are always eager to help with any questions or inquiries. Our retail specialty packaging options are guaranteed to protect your products from outside elements and general wear and tear and they will help to extend the life of your products.

Industries Served

Like our slogan says, here at OPC we’re more than just paper. In that same sense, we are not limited by the industries we serve. Specifically for our packaging products, there are many types of companies with whom we do business. Packaging goes beyond shipping and handling, but is also pertinent for food storage, product protection and safe storage.

The diverse array of industries we proudly serve include construction, fabrications, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food processing and many more. At Omaha Paper Company, we don’t like to stuff ourselves into one niche market and call it quits. We enjoy doing business with a variety of industries and taking on the unique challenges each presents.


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