There is an increasing amount of research that suggests the overuse of smartphones, tablets and computers is damaging
to health and impacting sleep. But do consumers worry about this? And how important is it to them to “switch off”?

The survey found 53% of global respondents are concerned that the overuse of electronic devices could be damaging to their health. Only 37% of consumers in Germany are concerned about electronic devices damaging their health which, coincidentally, is the same proportion of German respondents who say they spend too much time on electronic devices (the lowest of all the

52% of global respondents, and 67% of respondents in Brazil, believe they spend too much time on electronic devices. 43% of Brazilians also feel they are suffering from “digital overload”.

73% of global respondents believe reading printed books is more enjoyable than reading e-books. 69% believe printed magazines are more enjoyable and 62% believe reading printed newspapers is more enjoyable than electronic alternatives.

Despite the majority of global respondents enjoying reading print more than digital, plus the concerns about the overuse of electronic devices, 63% of respondents are reading fewer printed magazines than they used to, 61% are reading fewer printed newspapers, and 45% are reading fewer printed books.

However, 69% of all respondents do believe it is important to “switch off” and enjoy print more.

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